And help the oceans doing so.

At Zombie Fish we make clothing from environmental positive material, print the shirts by hand locally and

donate 10 % of the profit towards supporting the removal of pollution from our beloved oceans. 

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Zombiefish makes quality apparel which plays a part in preserving the environment for future generations to enjoy.

One garbage truck dumped every minute

Did you know that every minute one garbage truck full of plastic is dumped in the ocean?

Yeah every minute.

To reduce this, we support 4Oceans, heroes of the sea.

 4Ocean are pros at what they´re doing, working 7 days a week to not only remove existing waste, but also work to stop polution at it´s source through education.

Ten percent of every purchase will be directly donated through pound+ which funds the removal of waste from our oceans and coastlines. 

Read more about 4ocean and what they do here 

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